Thursday, June 16, 2011

Monster Walking

The monster loves to go on walks. But before she can on a walk she has to get her "clothes" on. Most of the time the monster runs around the house naked - as in no collar - because I find the jingle sound annoying when I am trying to sleep and the monster does not want to sleep. A collar is not enough for a monster walk, so her clothes are a blue harness. The monster has worn her clothes to go on a walk for a long time and she is well aware of the fact that she isn't going anywhere until her clothes are on, yet the monster freaks out every time her clothes are picked up to the point where it is impossible to get it on her. First, she jumps up and down like a maniac, then, she was start pawing at the person holding her clothes- which is when it can usually be slipped over her head. Once the clothes are around the monster's neck she really gets excited and makes a run for the door and scratches at the door and wall next to the door, sometimes this makes the clothes fall off and I have to start from the beginning. To fasten the clothes around the monster's wait I usually have to stand over her, one leg on each side and she will flick her tail in a furious motion - which can kinda hurt. Clothes on and leash fastened the monster is ready for her walk.

On the walk the monster is not very good at pacing herself and like to be very tuggy on the leash for the start. Heaven forbid a cat, squirrel or bird be near by because the monster will FREAK OUT! It's kind of funny actually because I will just stand in place, firmly grasping the leash and the monsters legs will go in a running motion and she will go nowhere. I am however convince that one of these days my arm will be dislocated from the monster tugging on the leash. Provided there are no other critters in sight, the monster will eventually fall into a good pace and the walk become somewhat enjoyable. The monster takes the walk very seriously and is very careful to leave her mark every few hundred feet so other dogs my know that she lives there. Heaven forbid it have rained since the last walk because the monster will save up every last drop she has inside of her to re-mark ALL of her favorite spots instead of the usual 3 she will pick on each walk. Sometimes late at night, if no one is out, I will drop the monster's leash during the walk so she can have a little freedom. It is without fail that no matter how tuggy she was being while I held the leash the monster will keep pace with me when the leash is dragging behind her. It make no sense but the monster is not one for logic.

When the weather is cool and the sun not too intense the monster can go on very long walks - up to 4 miles at once, she could probably go further but I have yet to try it. During the summer the monster gets more like 1.5 miles. She gets overheated very easily and can only be walked at night during the summer because her black fur absorbs the sun. When the monster stops tugging on the leash completely it's usually time to go inside. Once inside the monster doesn't cause a fuss when having the clothes taken off. Naked again, she'll get herself some water and maybe relax on her pillow for a few minutes. Then, next thing I know, she bouncing around, ready to play or wanting another walk. In two years of having the monster I have yet to see her actually tired to the point where she would sit when given the chance to play - and that's why she's my monster.

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