Monday, November 19, 2012

The Monster and The Cat

It's been a long time since I've given a monster update and we're long overdue for one. The monster of course continues to be a monster and since the introduction of Allie - the cat who I have learned will not respond to kitty or cat but will respond to her name- she has found new ways to be a monster.

Let me say that I like the cat, she can be surprisingly sweet and affection at times, but having a cat and dog living in the same house is a bad idea. At least with the monster. The monster does NOT like Allie getting any type of attention. She tries to eat Allie anytime I hold her and gets very snappy when Allie makes attempts to get people food. I've become a bit of a speed eater these days as both Allie and the monster hover over me anytime there is food. Allie is bold and is not afraid to stick her nose in my plate, which of course sets the monster into attack mode, FML. Additionally, the monster likes to eat Allie's cat food and has a very gross but I have found out very common like of kitty poo - gross.

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